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New patterns! I won’t be just plugging my patterns I promise, I have a kit I plan to start really soon. D:

I finally got round to listing new stuff. (here)

Old look on the left, new look on the right. This template will just be used for new patterns.

Found this cute kit for £3 in a charity shop - these usually sell for about £16!

Seed beads on the 3D house. A bit tricky!

Sorry I haven’t been around much guys, haven’t been stitching as much lately is all! I’ve started this 3D house, so here’s the front gable.

Sorry I’ve been away for a while, still stitching!

It feels like forever, but there’s new patterns listed in my shop!

Wow! Way over 100 favourites of this pattern. As a thank you, I’ve dropped the price down to $3 (instead of $5). Grab it while you can!

Look at them cuddling. It’s unbearable. #puns

(A Dictionary of Bears by Bothy Threads)

Look! Backstitch and everything! Now I just need to stitch… 8 more.

(A Dictionary of Bears by Bothy Threads)

So my stitching’s been a little eclectic lately but I did get the middle panel of this cross stitch finished, from A Dictionary of Bears by Bothy Threads. Bothy Threads sell dictionarys of basically everything and they’re cute and hilarious and you should buy them all. Or at least check them out and laugh.

Border Collie WIP: My Mother in Law wanted me to stitch this for her so… here’s the start!

Extreme close up - you can see the metallic pink better here.

Rose Fairy WIP: Backstitch went so freaking quickly I can’t even. I only started it today. There’s two types of backstitch in here - normal brown thread and metallic pink.

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